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Results ( 4 ) : 2010 - 4.

Exploring Trends and Variations in Agency Scope

Authors: J. Jordana, D. Levi-faur

Abstract: What are the trends in the design of regulatory agencies’ scope of responsibilities? To shed some light on this issue, we explore temporal, sectoral, national and regional variations in the scope of agencies across 16 different policy domains and 4...

A Method for Measuring Excessive Environmental Regulatory Burden in the Australian Rail Industry

Authors: T. Von Der Heidt, J. Wang, M.B. Charles

Abstract: For the Australian rail industry, environmental regulation is a regulatory hotspot causing suboptimal rail operations and business performance. Attempts to measure the cost of regulatory burden are few, more so given the conceptual and practical ch...

Postal Markets and Electronic Substitution: What is the Impact of Intermodal Competition on Regulatory Practices and Institutions?

Authors: M. Maegli, C. Jaag, M. Koller, U. Trinkner

Abstract: The increasing convergence between postal products and telecom applications is a new phenomenon in the communications environment: postal operators provide new services on telecom infrastructures, telecom infrastructures are likely to substitute la...

Liberalisation versus National Protectionism

Authors: L. Versteegh

Abstract: The new European Postal Directive of 2008 provides the postal market with new opportunities as it allows for the gradual development of competition of services of general interests in Europe. However, the directive leaves room for uncertainties and...