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Results ( 4 ) : 2016 - 3.

Retail Price Regulation in the British Energy Industry

Authors: C. Crampes, M. Laffont

Abstract: In this paper, we revisit the 2009–2012 episode in which Ofgem imposed a nondiscrimination clause on large retailers in the UK energy market. The Standard Licence Condition 25A (SLC 25A) was introduced to prevent suppliers from charging their incum...

An Empirical Analysis of the Price and Output Effects of the Southwest/AirTran Merger

Authors: H.B. Le

Abstract: The 2011 Southwest/AirTran merger is the first between two major low-cost U.S. carriers. This paper investigates the price and output effects of this merger on nonstop routes associated with the carriers prior to their merger. There are four types ...

Open With Care: The Duopoly Model for the Transition to Competition in Long-Distance Passenger Railway Transportation

Authors: J.J. Montero, R. Ramos, A. Giuricin

Abstract: Railways present specific obstacles for the introduction of competition. The duopoly model for the transition to competition makes it possible to overcome some of these obstacles. The granting of a second license allows governments to control the p...

The Online Transportation Network in Indonesia: A Pendulum Between the Sharing Economy and Ex Ante Regulation

Authors: S.Y. Wahyuningtyas

Abstract: The prominent role of innovation in the emerging digital market in Indonesia presents new challenges for current competition law and policy. Traditionally reliant on market definition for the analysis, the present competition law may not yet have s...