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CRNI 2014 Program Overview
7th annual conference - 7 November 2014 - Brussels, Belgium.

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Results ( 5 ) : 2014 - 2.


The Challenges of Imperfectly Unbundled TSOs: Can Corporate Governance or Regulatory Action Mitigate such Imperfection?

Authors: A. D’arcy, M. Finger

Abstract: This article provides a framework for analyzing the effects of imperfect ownership unbundling and the effectiveness of related corporate governance mechanisms as well as regulatory actions to mitigate against such effects in the case of operators o...

Divergence in Convergence. Governance Patterns of Italian Former Public Enterprises through Social Network Analysis

Authors: C. Manzo, M. Di Giulio, M. Tullia Galanti, F. N. Moro

Abstract: The article analyses the boards of Italian listed companies and applies Social Network Analysis (SNA) to the members of board of directors of the former public enterprises in the Italian stock market. The description of these networks is a useful t...

Governance in Network Industries: Lessons Learnt from New Institutional Economics

Authors: J-M- Glachant

Abstract: This article reflects on personal observations during twenty years of professional career about the ideas developed within New Institutional Economics (NIE). The general theory is analysed by studying the views of Coase, North, Williamson and Ostro...

Corporate Governance and the State

Authors: D. C. Mueller

Abstract: Pick up any first-year textbook in economics, and you will see that the analysis of pricing and other decisions by firms is based on the assumption that they maximize profits. More generally, when economists talk about the advantages of market econ...