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Results ( 4 ) : 2014 - 4.

The Results of Modernizing Network Industries: The Case of Urban Water Services in Europe

Authors: T. Bolognesi

Abstract: Since the 1980s, the European Union favours regulatory reforms in network industries and the water sector appears to be the latest to be included in this. We deal with this issue while questioning the concept of “modernization of the Urban Water Sy...

The Effects of Liberalization Policies on Price and Quality of Services in the European Union Postal Market

Authors: V. Recai Cetin, I. Irmak

Abstract: This study examines the effects of postal services liberalization and postal market characteristics such as productivity and population density on sector performance indicators of price and quality of service for the EU-27 countries. The EU-27 coun...

In Search of Efficiency in Telecoms: Agreements between Undertakings under European Competition Law

Authors: J.C. Laguna De Paz

Abstract: Agreements between telecom operators are allowed, as long as they do not distort competition (Article 101(1) TFEU). In this paper we explore the possibilities for undertakings to cooperate while competing for business. Telecoms are a regulated indu...

Mergers and Telecommunications Infrastructure Deployment: A Retrospective Analysis

Authors: S.K. Majumdar, R. Moussawi, U. Yaylacicegi

Abstract: We retrospectively evaluate the impact of the various mergers of the local exchange companies in the United States telecommunications industry between 1988 and 2001 on technology investment levels. We use treatment effects modelling to evaluate maj...