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Results ( 5 ) : 2015 - 2.


The Alignment Framework

Authors: M. Finger, N. Crettenand, W. Lemstra

Abstract: This article provides an overview of the alignment framework, also called the coherence framework. Its aim is twofold, as it first documents the recent improvements of the framework and secondly outlines the conceptual foundations for the case stud...

The Fuzzy Definition of Economic Performance in the French High Speed Rail Industry

Authors: P. Perennes

Abstract: This article studies the way economic performance is defined and monitored in the French high speed rail industry under the lens of the theory of «coherence between institutions and technology». It demonstrates that the institutional organization t...

Towards Becoming an Emerging Country with a Performing Electricity Sector – The Case of Cameroon

Authors: N. Crettenand, J. Kenfack, M. Finger

Abstract: This paper uses the alignment framework to analyze the alignment between institutions and technology within the Cameroonian electricity sector. Since 1998, the Cameroonian electricity sector has been experiencing major institutional changes includi...

Socio-Technical Lock-in and the Alignment Framework: The Case of Distributed Generation Technologies

Authors: T. Bauwens

Abstract: Whereas a centralized energy supply system is still dominant today, the energy sector is currently witnessing the development of small-scale and more geographically dispersed generation units, so-called distributed generation technologies. The alig...