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CRNI 2014 Call For Papers
7th annual conference - 7 November 2014 - Brussels, Belgium.

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Results ( 4 ) : 2014 - 1.

Understanding Institutional Change: The Development of Institutions for the Regulation of the Natural Gas Supply Systems in the United States and the European Union

Authors: A. Correljé, M. Groenleer, J. Veldman

Abstract: This article compares the development of the institutions that regulate the natural gas supply systems in the United States and the European Union. Given the technical and functional similarities of these systems, the question arises as to why regu...

Connection Pricing and Universal Service Obligations in Distribution Networks

Authors: C. Crampes, M. Laffont

Abstract: This article provides an economic view on how the connection to a distribution network should be priced when the operator considers the spatial distribution of consumers. It highlights the impact of public service constraints on the investment in s...

Postal Services Liberalization in Turkey: Observations and Reflections

Authors: U. Emek

Abstract: With a view to promoting competition and improving consumer welfare, postal markets have been liberalized in many jurisdictions over recent years. The present study intends to review liberalization movements in postal services with a particular foc...

Integrated Timetables for Railway Passenger Transport Services

Authors: M. Finger, A. Haller, S. Strube Martins, U. Trinkner

Abstract: Rail passenger transport services with integrated regular interval timetables (IRIT) offer passengers a regular interval timetable for services on the railway network. IRIT have the potential to increase the quality and attractiveness of railway pa...