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Results ( 4 ) : 2015 - 1.

Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network Security

Authors: T. Jamasb, R. Nepal

Abstract: Incentive regulation needs to adapt to the emerging changes in the operating environment of the electricity networks and take into account the security of these. This paper assesses the current issues and options in economic regulation of network s...

National Broadband Networks of Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia: A Comparative Study

Authors: R.L. Gunaratne, V. Ilavarasan P, S. Fernando, I. Kholilul Rohman

Abstract: This paper presents a comparison of national broadband networks (NBNs) of four different countries – Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia – by describing their rationale, scope, funding, technology and current status. The networks are analyzed ...

The Costs of Inappropriate Delegation: TRAI Act and Its Amendment

Authors: M.P. Tangirala

Abstract: Independent regulators are imagined as non-majoritarian institutions that are expected to function at arm’s-length from other branches of government so that decisions are made on the basis of expertise. The extent of their powers and the nature of ...

Merger Between Airlines in Financial Distress: Does the Merger Save Them?

Authors: Y. Zhang

Abstract: The merger in 2009 between China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines came at a time when both airlines were suffering heavy losses and were struggling for survival during the global financial crisis. An examination of the prices on China Eastern...